Frequently Asked Questions

Clicxads Q&A

Q: How Long Are CPA Approvals Done?

A: All Advertising needs to be verified and approved, which should be done within a maximum of 24 working hours, most of the times it will be faster. 


Q: Why we don't have a button to approve all submissions?

A: This is already being looked at by our programmers, it's on the "To Do" List.


Q: Can There Be An Internal Wallet Transfer Between Affiliates?

A: NO, it would promote false accounts and fake traffic.


Q: How Long Does It Take For Adpanels To Expire? 

A: There is no specific time, and traffic is relative to the income received by the company.


Q: Can Panels Bought Be CHANGED?

A: AdPaneld purchase is final because they get traffic allocation immediately.


Q: How Long It Takes FOR Payouts To Be Released Into BTC Wallet Upon Withdrawal Request

A: Payouts under 0.02 BTC are released instantly on request. Bear in mind that for security reasons, we leave a minimal amount on our payout wallet, which sometimes won't let you withdraw because it's topping up, just try a few minutes later. Payout over 0.02 go thru an admin verification process which could take up to 24 working hours but usually is much faster. 


Q: How Long It Takes For Deposits Sent Via Coinpayments To Be Seen On Purchase Balance When Done.

A: Once you sent a payment via Coinpayments, there is a process done by the blockchain which needs to be verified, this happens automatically, but it can take several minutes to conclude. Once it is confirmed, it should show in your Clicxads purchase balance. 


Q: How Long Does It Take For SUPPORT To Respond To A Ticket When SENT 

A: Our tickets could take up to 72 working hours to respond, usually, within a few minutes you got your answer, but not to underdeliver, we always ask for 72 working hours. 


Q: Why Does Clicxads Do Not Have An APP

A: Our website is Mobile Friendly, and there is no need for an app. An app also brings more security risks, and we prefer to use funds to our payout pool then on developing unnecessary security preventions.


Q: How long should affiliates expect to get back return on investment (ROI) on AdPanels.

A: There Is No Time Frame In ClicxAds AdPhanels! ROIs on Adpanels Are Dependent on Daily income of The Company.

AdPanels Could expire in a week, 3 Weeks Even three days, it all depends on much the company makes. 


Q: How is the fee running a CPA calculated?

A: CPA campaign is 10% of whatever the person wants to buy, if they're going to buy 100 actions for 0.01 each that will cost the person 1 BTC + 10% = 1.1 BTC where 0.1 BTC is company profit, and the rest will be paid to the users as per the percentage they earn. 


Q: Can an active CPA be cancelled?

A: Yes, if it is on PAUSE and never received traffic. 


Q: Is there a possibility of making adjustments on an already active CPA (e.g change of device)

A: There could be, you need to contact support on [email protected], it will depend on what you want to change. 


Q: What can warrant an affiliates account suspension?

A: Use one device per user, never logging on anyone else's social media, don't create a double account and don't register if you are under 18 years old.


Q: What should I do if my account gets suspended?

A: Contact support via [email protected] immediately and to help send your identification and a photo of you holding your ID with a sheet with today's date and saying Clicxads.


Q: What should I do if I'm unable to register due to my IP address is already in use? 

A: Connect to a different internet network. 


Q: What do I do to have an upline if I registered without a referer?

A: Choose someone you like and contact support on [email protected] and ask to be added under new upline username.


Q: Can I change an inactive referer to an active one?

A: You will need to contact the inactive person and asked them what is stopping from progressing. 


Q: What can I do when one registers using my link, but after it's doesn't reflect that I am the referer?

A: Check if they can see you as their upline on their network. If not, ask your downline to contact [email protected] and ask to be positioned with their upline username. 


Q: What is 2FA?

A: Two Factor Authentication, or 2FA, is an extra layer of protection used to ensure the security of online accounts beyond just a username and password.


Q: How do I get bitcoins to fund my account?

A: You can purchase online from an exchange, we advise using our partner is one of the most secured ones. 


Q: Do have to be an affiliate to run adverts

A: Anyone can run adverts.


Q: How do I earn on the Matrix?

A: To be entitled to the Matrix, you need to have a membership, but the Matrix is random, nothing guarantees you will get a good position. Still, it does get reshuffled for a new opportunity to get positioned every week. 

The matrix is more of a way to give back to our users. Anyone on a paying position is entitled to a percentage of any user that purchase a membership. 


Q: How do I sell bitcoins earned on the platform?

A: You can Sell online from an exchange, we advise using our partner is one of the most secured ones. 


Q: How do I change the bitcoins earned to my local currency.

A: You can Change online from an exchange, we advise using our partner is one of the most secured ones. 


Q: How does one become a country representative?

A: You must apply to the People/Representative tab in your back office. The company will contact you later.