Important News Update 6/29/2020 6:24:33 PM

Dear users, 

these are our latest updates, 

1 - Video Contest, 
Today is the last day for people to engage in the contest, make sure to go through the videos, comment and like your favourite ones. Only five videos will come out from this stage and will receive 0.011 BTC (about $100USD). 
you can see the videos here:

2 - New advertising source added to our Clicxads News Page, this additional source is a new stream of income to the company, and as a consequence to all of you! 
If you see a news article you like, make sure to share it, the more traffic we have on our main website, more revenue comes to all AdPanels.

3 - Covid-19 is doing severe damage in many great companies, But as they say, "what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger", and we can assure you, with our improved compensation Plan, our great leaders, and all the new people joining in, Clicxads is getting stronger than ever before! To the extent of other great advertising platforms wanting to partner in exchanging and paying us for traffic!

4 - Leaders we need your help; now is the time for us to be united! We have passed the worst destructive part of Covid-19. Adaptation and restructure has already been performed in preparation for whatever can come next! Now is time to rebuild, focus and achieve! 
Many new people currently have no clue of the greatness of Clicxads products we ask you, leaders, and influencers to make videos on "how to" in Clicxads and BuyCryptoSell.

5 - Market Place, 
Every time it gets tested, something new comes along, but we can reassure you, is now really on the final phase! 

Clicxads just went into a new Stage, a new Phase, where even Top global influencers are recognising the results of using our products, and are taking advantage of that! 
Make sure you do too! See our latest webinars and be active! 
We have created a section dedicated to this, where all our lives will pass here:

This is all for today, 
we wish you all a great start of the week. 

Thank you 
Clicxads Team