Important News Update 7/6/2020 6:52:00 PM

Dear users, 

these are our latest updates, 

1 - Video Contest, 

The voting for the Best Video will last until the end of this week (Sunday 12th, 23:59 Server time). After, we will need a few days to count all the votes! Once is ready we will count the winners! 

To participate in the voting, click here

scroll down and comment with the video your prefer, only one comment per user, please! you can also ask all your family and friends to help you with feedback and comments. 

2 - Big Teams

Prominent leaders are joining our Project at the moment with teams that are not only focused on the earnings but mostly on the product! Remember, more people Clicxads has, better the product becomes, even if they are free users! 

3 - Facebook

Unfortunately, and due to the constant changes, and how impactful our business is, Facebook as restricted our domain, we guess they see how easy we can brake their algorithm. Fortunately, there is no way they can entirely stop our service; because it is real people using it and performing the actions. However, we also have a solution to implement soon. 

4 - Market Place

It will finally launch this Week; Remember is a pear to pear Marketplace. We will update with the Launch date soon! 

5 - Telegram News Channel

Make sure to stay updated at all times on the News Channel. It is essential to stay updated at such exciting times.

This is all for today, 
we wish you all a great start of the week. 

Thank you 
Clicxads Team