Important News Update 8/19/2020 7:16:29 AM

Whenever you have risked something and are trying to advance, or even attempting to do something new,  you will have to experience some degree of failure – some small, some more significant occurs more often than we think or anticipate. It causes pessimism and brings us down. Walking away seems all too appealing, giving up is the easiest option. 
But should you stop trying? 
The answer is NO. 
If you believe you are doing something right, then the key is to carry on in spite of initial failure. We learn from failure; we grow from failure! So honestly train yourself to embrace and expect failure to become stronger and succeed.

But how do we overcome failure? How to rise from the setbacks? 
Fortunately for us, many modern-day legends have been through this path before, and we can surely learn from their stories to stay inspired! The secret of these incredibly successful people who have had their fair share of failures is their pure perseverance and ability to use failure as a springboard to bounce off and learn from the experience. So they push when it hurts, get moving when they feel stagnant, grind when they're falling apart, believe when there’s not much to believe, and then, we see them at the TOP.

I needed to start with such motivation for you all to realise how far we have come in this almost 12 months journey in Clicxads. I must admit it has been a fascinating one, filled with smiles but at the same time, pain. 

Why did I say pain? Because it's evident and clear what the world has seen in the last four months, have been not only horrifying but also grounded many homes, business, economies and nations to a standstill and I mean COVID 19. Everyone reading this would agree with me that he or she has deeply been affected either one way or the other, and that has resulted in things not being done in the usual way like it was before.

Clicxads as a crypto advertising company have one way or the other been affected too. Still, we grew from it and instead saw COVID 19 as a blessing, and that inspired our modus operandi to change drastically. Coming up with a new exciting compensation paying plan, Matrix Pool Payouts, Buycryptosell Peer to Peer Exchange, News Blog, to mention but a few all geared to rising from the ashes COVID 19 pandemic has come to leave us with.

I must state emphatically that sales have drastically dwindled as a result of the Pandemic. I do understand clearly how the whole world is suddenly getting to readjust to the new world. We have all realised ourselves in because things that were normal before are no longer normal. The period of change and readjusting would be different for everyone. But I would like you all to understand this, Clicxads is here stay, and we will continue to grow in abundance.

Given all these, I the CEO want to share essential steps im setting in place, to make you all happy in the future. As the adjustments are happening, also the impact of results can be seen in commissions that will be earned by you, prestigious members and affiliates.

Withdrawals are from now set on a minimum of 0.01 BTC and processed once a month. You will need to place your withdraw between the 10th and 15th of each month; it will then get verified and processed before the 25th of the same month. The reasons:

1. Members are frequently complaining about Deductions In Withdrawal fees by the payment processors. 
2. Increase Security and add a manual verification process on all withdraws in order to prevent incorrect automatic withdraw to a Hacker or a Fake account!
3. Use the wasted fee amount to give back to you!
4. Affiliates will get exciting results when they show considerable payouts to prospects each time they are having a presentation.
5. Use revenues to grow company wallets and pools by trading Crypto, instead of being on the wallets waiting for withdrawals! (At the end of the day, I'm a Master trader)

Members write to support every day complaining bitterly about the fees being soo high, most importantly the small withdrawals end up getting smaller, and is sad to see poor users getting ripped off with those high fees! As the CEO, I'm not happy with those results. People withdraw those small amounts of satoshis daily, that honestly to me does not make sense, or I am assuming many may not know the exact conversion to USD value the amount. Hence, when they see such final amounts hitting their wallets, they get sad! Time to put a stop to that.

Currently, we waste about 6 USD on each payout, some people ask payout 3 and 4 times a week but imagine this, only 1000 payouts times 6$ USD is 6000 USD that could be going into your pockets! Just think about it.

I would instead want to see you accumulate a very decent amount of satoshis and make a good withdrawal once a month without any fee (apart blockchain transaction fee).

In turn, members also focus more on product usage and products purchases, which will bring further significant results in earnings for members to earn more and be happy seeing their MAIN BALANCE grow in Bitcoin Satoshis.

I know not now everyone will appreciate all of the above, but you need to understand, extreme situations, need extreme measures! 
Clicxads will prevail and overcome this worldwide Pandemic and difficulty the world is going through, and soon, with all your help and support, we will meet in the best beaches around the world. 

Thank you 
Your CEO
Frank Nii Okanta Ankrah